Plaited Cord

In an effort to keep the fantastic art of ropework alive and to solve the problem of overwhelming electronic entanglement, I am attempting to link the two as a repurposed technology solution.

The tall clipper ships of yesterday are hard to find now. The men who sailed them are slowly disappearing along with their arts and very specialized skills. One of the most tragic victems of this trend is ropework.

The simple act of securing two bits of string is enough to confound most people. In the heyday of sailing, there was a knot for every part of the ship. This old world technology that has been placed by the way side may find the perfect place in todays electronics industry.

part of the repurposing technology project

designer: Karl Zahn

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Over the course of humanity, we have adopted tools and techniques to accomplish tasks and get work done. From the very beginning, when a newer technology arose, the older and perhaps less efficient technology was abandoned. In our rush to find the next greatest thing. This trend of "making way for new" continues at a breathtaking pace today. The advent of more specialized and complex technologies leaves a lot of room for experimentation in other fields. But more often than not, the next greatest thing is not far behind and the latest technology of the day will soon be trumped and almost forgotten.

Unless these technologies are repurposed...

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