Picket Fence

In looking to solve the problem of loose electrical wires cluttering a room, I drew a connection between the wires that we wished stayed next to the wall and the baseboards that actually attach to the wall.

designed for the 2006 MUJI International Design Competition

as seen on Wired and BoingBoing

design and prototype: Karl Zahn
please direct any inquiries to karl@oboiler.com

The Picket Fence adapts to older homes and cleanly manages the electrical necessities of the occupants. The baseboards have a certain thickness to them, typically much thicker than an electrical cord. By sticking these pickets onto the baseboard, a space is created between the wall and the picket points. This space serves as a track for routing all of the wires cleanly around the room. They can go wherever they like and double back as much as they need to, all concealed behind a picket fence. Because of the gaps between the individual pickets, a plug can jump out wherever it is needed.

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