Bench - Simple Series
17" tall x 11.5" x 34.75"

“Where can i sit to put my shoes on?”

Many people have adopted a no shoes policy in their homes. Cities are disgusting places and thinking about all the things you walk in everyday emphasizes this idea. But having this no shoes policy means there needs to be an easy way to do so. The Stool and Bench fulfill this very need. Their construction and slightly splayed legs make them very stable and durable. The use of soft pine means that the bench is light and easily moveable. And from cold winter to hot summer, the soft wood seat remains inviting.

Handcrafted from 3/4" pine. No hardware was used in the fabrication.

Part of the Simple Series - as seen on Treehugger
design and prototype: Karl Zahn

The Simple Series will be available shortly. Please direct any inquiries to

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