Tools - Simple Series aka Waiting Sticks
8" x 32" to 38" long

"Are you ready yet?"

Made from the scraps of the rest of the Simple Series, the wooden tools tell their own story. Not only are they salvage, but they are iconographically linked with the idea of work. crafted in the likeness of the tools used to fell the very trees they are made of. Holding them makes you feel at least a little more productive. However, they are made entirely of wood; a fragile one at that. Small knocks and bumps will ding the surface and scratch it. the tools are no longer functional and conversely need greater care. this demotion in function disarms the user and makes them seem less threatening.

Handcrafted from 3/4" pine. No hardware was used in the fabrication.

Part of the Simple Series - as seen on Treehugger
design and prototype: Karl Zahn

The Simple Series will be available shortly. Please direct any inquiries to

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